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Welcome Home to Livermore Valley Senior Living


We are Livermore Valley Senior Living (LVSL), managed by Livermore Valley Senior Care, Inc. We trace our success as a company to the simple and enduring goal of building a resident-centered senior care community, where elders enjoy excellent quality of life and excellent quality of care. We focus on residents’ emotional needs and care preferences, consistent with their lifestyle, by not only providing task-centered cares for residents’ needs of physical health, but also emphasizing on relationships in the care. We make every effort to ensure residents and their family’s satisfaction.



We believe that aging, with which comes the wealth of knowledge and experience, is a gift to the individual, the family, and the society. We believe that well-being is more than just enjoying the best possible physical health. We believe that our senior residents should receive the utmost in care and comfort in a quality facility run by qualified staff. We strive to set up and carry out personalized care program for each resident, which enables our caregivers to better communicate with our residents and their families. 



Livermore Valley Senior Living is a cozy, 20-bed assisted living “home away from home,” with an excellent around-the-clock team of caregivers. We have licensed nurse on staff, and also have a Physician who works closely with our residents and their families.

We believe in the power of a tight knit living community, where residents and staff join together to foster a healthy and happy environment. Our community is designed to nurture the gift of old age by providing each resident with an exceptionally comfortable and supportive environment, one that fosters independence whenever possible, and provides innovative programs to maintain health and well-being in body, mind, and spirit – in short, a community built for life.



Our program first identifies individual needs, establishes goals for each of these areas, and then together we find the best solutions. Individualized care plans feature assistance with all the activities of daily living while promoting the highest level of independence possible.  Delicious and nutritious snacks and meals are tailored to each resident, with attention to special health needs.  Our chef searches for the freshest, most healthy foods available, always on the look-out for local and organic sources.  Residents receive companion care and participate in enjoyable activities that stimulate minds and exercise bodies. 

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